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Message posted by gary on February 20, 2002 at 14:34:07 PST:

Instead of ordnance, you might want to change it to a malfunctioning flare. They drop perhaps 50 flares per exercise to fool heat seeking missiles. The flares often fail to ignite properly and could cause some nasty damage if you were burnt by one. [I've been told that if you find one that didn't go off, then ignite it "remotely", you get quite a circular death zone on the desert ground.] The flare burns completely except for a ceramic piece that is part of the ignition system. I have a few of these that I have picked up while hiking washes, though no photographs handy. The CSI team could go looking around the area and find the ceramic thing, then figure out a flare was involved. Due to the nature of the heavy rains in the high desert, debris oftens gets moved around, so other unrelated things could show up as well to confuse the forensics. I find plane parts miles from the impact point, so the sky is the limit for the extraneous debris.

Capstone takes place near Indian Springs by route 95. I plan on being there and will scout out an obversation point if I can't get tickets. I have Senator Boxer's office trying to get me some tickets, but I think the chance is pretty slim.

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