Re: Help with research?

Message posted by Taylor Elmore on February 20, 2002 at 14:12:40 PST:

Man -- you guys should DEFINITELY be writing for CSI. You've come up with three better ideas than the one I'm stuck on now. Guess I'd better finish it, since I started it...

The jurisdictional issue figures promiently in my script, because the victim of the supposed ordinance misdrop was killed in Clark county. The feds immediately take over the investigation, however, and Grissom smells a coverup, resulting in inevitable headbutting.

Love the idea about finding a body on the outskirts of the base -- totally inspired.

Thanks for the TTR and Capstone info. Is it possible for the general public to see Capstone demonstrations from the usual places (Black Mailbox, Powerlines, etc)?

And thanks for ALL the info. This is a much better script than it was going to be because of your generous help and guidance.

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