Re: Another Secret F-117 Era Aircraft

Message posted by Weavty1 on December 28, 2013 at 20:05:04 PST:

1) That's correct
2) They were not developed or built-out in the same hangar at the same time, however, they did share the same hangar at one point in time during flight tests of the F-117, and the *other* airframe had to be partitioned off from the Goblin. This wasn't any longer than a few hours, however it supposedly caused quite the stir.
3) No one mentioned that this *other* aircraft was still not retired today, however it does remain classified.
4) I only have one source for this bit, and so far, it checks out. Coincidentally, I have a family friend that was a crewman for the 552nd during that time. I happened to jokingly mention said aircraft to him over this Thanksgiving and his face went blank and responded with, "I have no idea how you heard about that, but you know I can't talk about things like that." That was enough for me. Lol, but what are the chances of that..? Honestly? Enough to give me chills.

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