Another Secret F-117 Era Aircraft

Message posted by RickB on December 28, 2013 at 15:09:22 PST:

I read recently ""...there was another aircraft developed around the same time as the F-117 and was designed to "fill in" where the F-117 lacks. To (his) knowledge they never retired them (along) with the F-117's a few years back. But they don't look like -117's at all. They have been shown to have flown in the (First) Gulf War and the first few nights of OIF."" This was from a March 15, 2013 internet post from boomer135. There were also reports of a curtain hanging down in between the F-117 and another "mystery" aircraft to block the view of the development and build of that well as reports from AWAC's of communications to/from an unknown aircraft by the
F-117's during the first night of the First Gulf War bombing.
Comments on this anyone?


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