Terra Server has the latest Area 51

Message posted by OldThudMan~!!~ on December 15, 2013 at 17:39:27 PST:

aerial view......Just like the previous view I posted about a month or so ago, but you can zoom in & out on this one........

Still can't determine what the new building might be for BUT you can see 3 sides of the building are now paved...
The scrap (squareish) at the end of the south taxiway appears to just that, still a scrap, but each leg is as wide as the taxiway.......???????????

Attached link: http://www.terraserver.com/view.asp?cx=605935&cy=4122553&proj=32611&mpp=5&pic=img&prov=dg&stac=52b380be3577d5749d6f93065e762c21


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