Re: Maui Space Surveillance Complex Video

Message posted by Griffon_314 on November 15, 2013 at 6:23:51 PST:

Why do they need to see them so well visually? To understand what sensors the satellite has. In the case of LEO satellites, the images from this facility are *very* detailed, allowing close inspection of foreign satellites...close enough to accurately deduce what capabilities each satellite has, whether it is still stabilized (i.e. operational), etc.

In addition to the adaptive optics, they also use a supercomputer facility to deconvolve their imagery, reducing noise effects from the atmosphere.

Its not clear to what resolution they can image Molniya and Geosynch sats, but regardless this surveillance allows them to keep a close eye on the portion of the geosynch belt within view of Maui. When something maneuvers to a new position in the belt, they know.

This is important, because if someone puts a satellite close enough to your satellite, they can eavesdrop on the data being transmitted to/from it. A tactic both sides have likely employed.

But they aren't watching for nukes. Those would come over the north pole, not Hawaii.

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