Re: Sauron Mini Spy Satellites?

Message posted by NoOne on November 09, 2013 at 19:30:35 PST:

>The picture in the article shows a satellite having solar panels
>which obviously makes the satellites visible under most
>Secondly we are also talking about a significant number of
>launches and normally any lunch is observed and questions arise

Just for fun let's have a little look at A51 history. The following is pure speculation and most likely pure fantasy,, I have no specific knowledge.

There once was an A-12 and spying was its game. Things got a bit hot (pun intended). Its sibling, the Air Force version - YF-12, was booted from the nest in large part to draw attention away from continued A-12 spy missions from A51. Of course later an Air Force "reconnaissance" version appeared - the SR-71.

So now we have a very public "leak" of a seemingly well progressed design for a "SR-72". History might suggest asking,, "So, is there an A-13?". Now,, there once was also a D-21 ill-fated for sure but stick with the fantasy, and just by-the-by Branson is currently fooling around with mother-ship launches (I know not in the same league). So, maybe an even more interesting question might be "Is there an M-22 / D-22?" and do they live in the new hanger? I don't believe the photo is meant to be that of a SAURON, so perhaps mini-satellite equates to D-22. That could also explain no noticeable launch activity..


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