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Right On Pete!

Also HARM's primary mission is to suppress or destroy surface-to-air missile radar and radar-directed air defense artillery systems. Once airborne, it can operate in three modes: preemptive, missile-as-sensor and self protect. Raytheon being the developer continues with hardware and software upgrades which have allowed HARM to counter advanced radar threats. HARM has proven itself in both reliability and combat performance. It is employed on a variety of Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps aircraft including the EA-6B, F-16 and F/A-18.

Raytheon is developing a HARM upgrade, called the HARM Control Section Modification. HCSM adds a GPS receiver and an improved inertial measurement unit for precision navigation. HCSM also features a digital flight computer that merges targeting solutions from navigation and seeker systems. The enhancements improve the probability of hit, while controlling where the missile can and cannot fly.

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