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I'm not sure if CSI would have any jurisdiction outside of Clark County. CSI is pretty careful about keeping the show accurate. For example, when anything happens at the airport, they bring in that somewhat shifty sherrif rather than Brass from Metro because McCarrin is not in the city of Las Vegas.

One way to work Area 51 or a restricted range would be to have a UFOlogist type take photos of some restricted area. Often what happens when you take these photos is you focus on the obvious, but then discover something strange in the photo. [This was how Joerg discovered the mothership flying over the TTR.] So the researcher gets his film back and when scanning the film, he discovers a body or whatever, then sends the photo to CSI. Grissom still has no jurisdiction, but notifies the Lincoln County sherif, who is busy flirting with the young girls behind the counter at the Chevron in Alamo when he gets the call. [Inside joke #1.] Now the sherrif's department is well known for not liking anything that smells [inside joke #2], so they call CSI. To add some realism, you could have the UFO research have an Area 51 license plate on the front of his SUV, and have the Lincoln County Sherrif hassle the guy about it [inside joke #3].

It would be interesting if a murder occurred at Area 51. Who would have jurisdiction? Would the government cover it up since the base's existence is shady at best. [The existence was acknowledged when Clinton signed an executive order exempting the operation near Groom Lake from some environmental lawsuits.]

I put the CSI website link in this posting, but Magoo is warned that the "online training" will dislose storylines for shows not shown yet down under.

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