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Message posted by Magoo on February 19, 2002 at 15:47:49 PST:

Joerg already answered the TTR bit. 'Capstone' is a periodical bombing demonstration designed to demonstrate weapons, systems and aircraft to the brass and other people of influence. It is held near Indian Springs two or three times a year, and is quite spectacular from all reports.

BTW - I'm a huge fan of CSI! Why not consider a story line where a body is found just outside the boundary of the range (maybe near the border signs on Groom Lake Rd) by an avid enthusiast like Gary or Joerg. There are no obvious signs of death initially, but Grissom later proves that the person was scared to death by what they thought was a UFO, but just turns out to be a low-flying MH-60 from Groom. The LV sherriff is getting pressure from his Lincoln County conterpart and in turn puts pressure on Grissom to 'let it go', but we all know Grissom doesn't let anything go and gets a rush out of these kinds of things. You could tie it in with the annual rally or a UFO convention happening in Rachel, and base a few characters on locals like Chuck Clark or a conspiracy theorist like (censored)!

Yeah, yeah, ok...

Magoo ;-)

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