Re: TFR in Western New Mexico raises eyebrows ..

Message posted by Steve Douglass on October 23, 2013 at 13:46:19 PST:

Uh - yeah. You talked to your friend but you didn't ask him what the TFR was concerning? I also doubt that there would be any written directive to "vigorously document" other craft going into the airspace. Key word there was "written."

My question - how does one document vigorously?

I'm reminded of the first F-117 crash near Bakersfield in 1986.

Controllers were advised to keep low overflights out of the airspace - but there was no written directives in that case either.
There was a TFR - to 5,000 feet - and that only called more attention to the crash.

As for allowing overflights above 12k - to establish a TFR any lower would more than signal something special was going on - at least in my opinion anyway.

FYI: There is no attempt to make things dramatic - just to report the facts as I know them - which isn't much - and that in itself is curious.

I'm sure very soon a press release will be issued that will make all the drama go away - and StealthMaster can say "I told you so."

PS: No one has claimed seeing little green men or zombies, flying triangles or MIBs. Now that would be dramatic!

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