Re: Getting more active at the Area

Message posted by Billy on October 22, 2013 at 14:03:45 PST:

Some of you guys dont believe me either.I got on this Site same as Michael. To find out other peoples experiences and to find out what the siren was! The Cammo dudes acted very similar in my encounter. The bright bluish light on the trucks were probably HID (High Intensity Diode) Lights. Exteremly bright with a bluish tint to them.They are very popular with the off-roaders.Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The other thing was probably some kind of Guard Shack as Joerg says.On the siren, I listened to my video 3 times. The best I can explain. It has 3 mono tone sounds in a cycle,lasts about 3 seconds and repeats. Kinda like ree-ree-ree.It is electronic and not mechanical. It was very quiet when I heard it.Barely louder than road noise from the truck. It was not alarming enough or loud enough to be a real siren.He only sounded it 2 times, from the rear. It sounds more like a warning chime used for big equipment but in the cab. Does the Chopper have a routine for its rounds? After reading Michaels report Im ready for another trip! Im hooked:)

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