Re: weird stuff going on at Area 51

Message posted by michael stammberger on October 21, 2013 at 21:54:13 PST:

joerg, there is no need for sceptisism because I've seen what I've seen and it was definitely not the cabin of a jeep/pick up truck, it may have been some sort of mobile watch structure which was partly hidden behind the dense vegetation like Joshua Trees and didn't move at all, no...and no, I couldn't make out a shape of the flying subject anymore because it was too dark but it had different colored lights which were probably all toegether 4ft wide in a triangular shape 2 white lights in the middle the blue light and on top the red light from the speed they were moving over my car and from the shaking of my car it must have been a helicopter. I was standing at the black mailbox when the very big and fast white pick up raced by like crazy (it was bigger than a ford 150), it was the sound of a police car when they chase a car which I hear often here in the bay area, not really like a police siren but a loud sound which sounded dull and like it had instead of 300horsepowers 1000 or so.

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