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Message posted by Michael Stammberger on October 21, 2013 at 14:36:38 PST:

thanks for the response joerg (I'm german too btw from Darmstadt, Hessen now living in Hayward, ca) no, the subject I've seen looked different, but kinda the same color/window color, it was lower in shape, and wider, not as bulky...measurments probably 1.5m high, 3m wide,usually I don't believe in UFO's and stuff like this but this was VERY weird...too bad that I use a wide angle lens for my photography otherwise you could have seen it on the pictures (I looked clearly with my binoculars at it and inspected it's shape, I could paint it exactly how it was, the windows were darkened like from the mobile watch tower link you sent, it was definitely NO CAR or VEHICLE, it could have been some sort of flying saucer if mistaken, or who knows maybe it was the subject which flew 10m over my car and scared the crap outta me 2min after I left the sign area on groom lake rd (because these bright lights came out of nowhere and it was making some sort of sound, yes...but not the typical loud helicopter rotation sound imo, maybe they tested a new security vehicle?? but I personally also tent to believe that it was some sort of mobile watch structure)....I'm just curious what other people have to report who visited the area just before me on oct 16th, I waited from 4pm until 6pm on the groom lake rd intersection, the last visitor left at 6pm he just came back when I started my journey...I also seen the bus/van, this day at around 5.05pm they used a little van but the people I've seen inside were a blast, they looked like a mix of Kerry king (slayer guitarist) and some guys who you'd see at a Metallica or Slayer concert, very weird looking guys one with a muscle shirt, extremely tan with clear tan lines along his muscle shirt so this indicates that he must tan with the shirt or even work at the military base with muscle shirt all day long in the sun?!, tattoos allover, a very massive necklace chain, baseball hat backwards, I took 3 pictures while they left the groom lake rd and drove onto 375 towards ash springs/Alamo, a day later I waited again for the van and it came again with the same guys (probably 10-13people inside) the truck following me was also veryyy mysterious because I played a bit cat and mouse with it with slowing down my speed and turning into mailbox rd and waited there, but it kept it's distance and turned even in one of the side roads, it also didn't follow me along mailbox rd it turned his lights off for probably 5min and suddenly it raced along groom lake rd in such speed that he arrived just a couple of seconds after me on the black mailbox considering that he must have stopped for 5min AND considering he had to drive the longer distance on groom lake rd and hwy 375, it also had a veryyyy weird sound like some sort of siren or sound cop cars make when they chase another vehicle, I think it's a sound of a mechanism built in their vehicles to make them way faster than they usually are hmm

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