weird stuff going on at Area 51

Message posted by Michael Stammberger on October 21, 2013 at 9:40:14 PST:

I was just there last Wednesday and Thursday (stayed at the lil ale' inn in Rachel for 2 nights and explored the region, the first night I drove to the signs at groom lake rd (I wanted to take long exposure shots of the signs with star trails during fullmoon, so I couldn't arrive too early, because I need complete darkness for this kind of pictures) when I arrived around 6.45pm the sun went down and I first checked the hill where usually the truck is parking with my binoculars, but didn't see a truck instead I've seen a weird white subject like a square flat subject with windows (like the shape of a flying saucer just instead of round square), it looked kinda futuristic, then I waited for complete darkness to arrive so I could start taking pictures BUT suddenly there appeared the shape of a pick up truck completely silent and without lights pointed in my direction on the hill, seconds later it turned on a ultra bright light panel, pointed directly toward me...I got so scared that I ran to my car and drove away (it was probably 7.10pm by then) seconds later there came again OUT OF NOWHERE a LOW flying subject towards me, what must have been a helicopter with 2 white, 1 red and 1 blue light, it was very low flying! this was extremely scary! just weird that this helicopter was not as loud as a regular helicopter is...soooo still not enough shocker material?! I thought ohhh there are some cool looking Joshua trees on the side of the road, stop and set up your camera equipment and take some pictures of them, while I took the 3 minute long exposure/s I recognized very bright lights moving towards me, it came out of area 51 on groom lake rd, I think, or it was the truck which was on the hill before harrassing me away with it's extremely bright lights? I don't know, fact is I kept shooting pictures and the bright lights came veryyyy slowly farther and farther towards me, but like it was moving in slow motion, they disappeared again and I seen instead 2 red lights so it must have turned in somewhere and I seen the back of the truck, but 30 seconds later it turned around again towards me, then I also decided to jump in my car and drive away because it was getting very spooky and too much to handle, so I drove towards the mailbox rd turnoff which was still probably 3-4 miles away...during this time the lights still followed me but I made a lil experiment and slowed down let me say to 15mph to see if he/she would pass me BUT this didn't happen, it appeared that the lights always followed me in exactly the same speed I drove....then I turned into mailbox rd and stood there and waited for the truck to arrive but even after 15-20min it didn't come, so I decided to drive to the black mailbox, when I arrived there I seen the lights again on groom lake rd moving fast towards 375 and minutes later a EXTREMELY FAST racing white truck with weird colored (blueish lights) extremely bright lights and a weird sound racing by HELLA FAST probably 100mph (they raced towards Rachel on 375 but I think before Coyote Summit they turned again left towards Area 51) this was veryyyyy weird, and in the same night I still seen a halo around the moon which I never seen before in 40 years but exactly while at the black mailbox, what a perfect timing to experience something like this!:) any ideas about the white subject with it's square shape and square windows on top of the hill, the truck/lights moving first very slow with exactly the same speed I drove on groom lake rd towards me and then racing with 100mph towards rachel, and the flying thing which appeared to be a helicopter coming out of nowhere??


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