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Message posted by Billy on October 20, 2013 at 7:38:39 PST:

Joerg, Great info thanks! The radio is around $430. My wife wont go for that! She already frowns on my new addiction. She doesnt want to hear another word of Area 51. I see its a police radio. Does it transmit? Can you talk on it? Im far from an electronics geek. Hardly know my way around the computer.Cant even download video. Im an offroad geek. I have a 1966 Ford Bronc built to Race. I actually thought about bringing it to Rachel to lure out the choppers.LOL It looks like 3-3 to 3-14 Red Flag exercise. Count me in. I guess I need a new Camera also.I only have a point and shoot. Dont laugh its better than an Iphone. I have a an old High school friend from Tennessee who is going to visit also. He is into Aliens I guess! Thanks again Joerg!

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