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Message posted by Billy on October 18, 2013 at 13:39:00 PST:

I was doing 90 on the pavement. its Andies Mine Rd. Its the 1st Rd past the Summit South of Rachel. There is a corral half way up,and a T in the Rd.I went straight.Ended at another Corral. Didn't see Cammo Dudes until I was coming down the hill. It was 7 am on a Tuesday.3 weeks ago. He followed me almost to the pavement. I had stopped on pavement to film him. After about 10 min he ripped down to the pavement and headed south on 375. Passed me and i followed him. Dont ask me why,but I followed him. I did hit speeds of 90mph. It was my 1st time at Area 51 must have been the adrenaline rush. I was also filming with one hand and hadnt time to latch my seatbelt! Anyway,I followed him for 3-4 minutes. He pulled off on the east side and got behind me.After a few min I saw the Medlin mailbox and pulled over.I got out, he passed pretty slow and it made that really weird sound. Maybe it was a siren that was faulty. I have it all on tape.He continued on pavement I took the Mailbox rd.I watched him turn off on Groom Rd. He literally flew down Groom Lake rd. Maybe he was getting off work? I got to Groom Lake Rd and took my time going to the gate.I got to the gate took pics. I wasnt ready to head out, so I walked up the road on the hill on the North(right) side. I walked almost to the orange posts. Cammo dude directly in front of me.That was a thrill! I return to bottom of the Hill, walk again to the sign. Filming the whole time. I look up I've got 2 Raptors on the Hill.Time to go! I wave at them and get in my car. The new cammo dude raced down the hill and stopped at Groom Lake Rd.10 ft in front me. Scared the living crap out of me!!! I get turned around and go. I had an uneventful trip back to 375.I did have a dark blue Mazda flow me.He came out of nowhere? I know this is long, but it is true. I have almost all of it on tape. Again the sound the truck made as it approached me was really odd!

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