Re: Seeking truth about B2 and Electrogravtic Tech.

Message posted by Alan Gudaitis on October 07, 2013 at 16:04:30 PST:

To "themadgenius"

Get hold of a book titled "The Hunt for Zero Point", by Nick Cook. At the time of the first printing in 2001 he was Aviation Editor for Jane's Defense Weekly, The world's leading military-affairs journal. The book's jacket reads, "Inside The Classified World of Antigravity Technology" It is a fascinating read, and in parts he indicates that there may be an anti-gravity component to the B-2 in its lifting components. Of course, he goes into greater detail than my short statement. He indicates a slight reduction in the lifting weight of the aircraft alone could result in millions of dollars in fuel savings, and that may in fact be where we are with it. Apparently he rocked a lot of boats writing the book. The content of the book is controversial and far from boring as he touches on many other related subjects that intertwine with the quest for antigravity technology. It is a book many of the DLR readership should read.


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