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Except for cost. You don't want to spend that extra money on EACH weapon. if you did that, you'd increase the cost of each munition by a SIGNIFICANT (and classified) dollar amount. The Defense budget has no room for that.

Maybe with Gen V versions, you might be able to, at the very least, use one device for a cluster of munitions. But, that would act more like a drone than a manned aircraft. We use manned aircraft by tradition, and so far choice. People are able to make real-time decisions on unplanned events. Targets of opportunity, abandoned facility where suspect "is", hundreds of other examples.

Sure, they make some decisions in real-time with the armed drones, but they still use a "checklist" of probable/expected options.

That's why the Anti-Ocular Visibility Controller (AOVC) was also included in the last update of B-2 Avionics. It's a separate system, but it was added onto the Avionics upgrade so that less attention was drawn to its deployment on operational aircraft.

During developmental testing, it was colloquially known as the "cloaking device" or the “no see us” device. That was heavily frowned upon and management put a stop to that in a hurry.

The AOVC is really a good byproduct of the AGLAD. They found that, when energized, the AGLAD also had some properties of visual stealth. Some big, complex physics thing that had been discounted. Egg on a lot of faces from that. Anyway, with the new information, a developmental effort was started with Raytheon as the prime. It was buried in another program's procurement documents to help hide it.

It was partially declassified late last year.

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