CIA base?

Message posted by KISS Fan on October 01, 2013 at 9:51:16 PST:

I remember watching one of the older one hour shows on Area 51. On it they had the pilot who discovered Area 51 for Kelly Johnson.

The pilot mentioned that some guys from the CIA already had a place(somewhere in that area) and they would buid a base(Area 51) for them.

Is this 'CIA base' a myth? does it actually exist? if so, where can it be located?

I was messing around the other day on google maps and saw what looked to be cars and perhaps some structures on the other side of a mountain from Area 51. I don't have coordinates, or google earth...the best way I could explain where it is would be: as you are looking at an overhead sat photo of the base, the Area 51 runway is on the right, the buildings are on the left, continuing left is a mountain/ridge, and on the other side of that ridge is the structures and vehicles. There appeared to be a road connecting Area 51 with this place....Is this the aforemetioned CIA base?

Thanks for your assistance.


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