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I am the guy that took those pictures, which I originally posted on ATS website.

"One should get next to it and capture any model#'s and S/N's and we can get the exact topology/infrastructure logic of these placed new security camera's."

Unfortunately the location is on the restricted side of the border. But close enough that you can zoom in and get details, if/when they complete whatever they are building.

"What you see in the photo is the electrical panel that the camera hooks up to. A similar panel is next to the camera near the GL Rd guard shack (see photo).

The fire extinguisher is probably due to some obscure government regulation for remote construction sites."

I'm with Joerg on this, I think it is for tower(s) with remote camera's. On Bing Maps, you can follow a trench line back to the guard shack, with about 10+ "pads" along the way.

They can monitor most of the border from camera(s) on Bald Mountain, but I don't think they can see every crossing clearly, or parts of the border. It might save them having to send out the dudes in their Raptor, to make sure guys like me on a quad pestering them, don't actually cross the border.

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