Re: Sunrise Mountain by Nellis?

Message posted by gary on February 18, 2002 at 20:21:27 PST:

I think you are thinking of Apex mountain, a bit further north of Nellis. It could possibly have good views of planes in the air, especially if they are using the Sally cooridor, but I haven't tried it. I know the helicopters would be at an appropriate height for Apex Mountain, but don't know how close they would get to it.

Sunrise Mountain is right next to Nellis and is often the backdrop of photos that you take from Las Vegas Blvd when you photograph airplanes landing. The problem with using Sunrise Mountain as a point to take photos is that it is 3 miles away from the runway, while Las Vegas Blvd is only 0.7 miles away. While the height would make interesting shots, they would not have much detail due to the distance. The location would only be good in the AM up to noon, then the sun would be in the wrong direction, backlighting the planes. The site would have potential for taking photos of planes in formation, which is very typical if you have ever watched landings at Nellis. [They fly in formation, do a loop of sorts, then land one at a time while the remaining planes are still flying the loop. It makes for a good show.]

In the past, I've done net searches on Sunrise Mountain and have read posts from people who hiked it. However, I don't know if the whole mountain is accessable, or if anything has changed past 911.

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