#screwed at "alantown!"

Message posted by Gregos on September 05, 2013 at 11:19:53 PST:

Highway 375 is washed out just a few clicks south of "Alantown (population 01)"

I drove up in the middle of the night and NDOT blocked off the road. I spent an hour in the Tikaboo valley. I had the scanner on but not a peep. I imagine due to the traffic / construction, they buttoned up Groom Lake tighter than a snare drum. NDOT built a "road" off to the side of the washed out wadi using the gravel from "Alantown." It took over an hour but it was cool watching them work and star gazing in my favorite valley. Puts to bed the age old question:

Q: "What's big and yellow and sleeps 6 comfortably?"
A: a NDOT Truck!


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