Re: Bing map new hanger (new missed bldg)

Message posted by greatguess on August 30, 2013 at 7:42:09 PST:


the building on the north end is in the process of being approved by GE for inclusion - the GE process to get models approved is one of the most bizarre, unrepeatable, frustrating, and rigid systems ever built by man. it also seems to be operated by people who have absolutely no power or ability to make any decisions on their own. the entire GE 3d world model is based on the premise of taking pictures of the building you are modeling and applying the textures to the sides of your model to make it look "real" and as you would see if you were standing near it. obviously, that cannot be done with buildings you cannot take pictures of. i have to explain why i cannot take pictures of the buildings to them OVER, and OVER, and OVER on each building i submit. it usually takes many, many appeals until i either get the one person with a brain or they just get tired of me before i get each one approved. i agreed tp use the same side textures to all buildings so the place would have some consistency but they cannot seem to remember that and i have to re-educate them about area51 security for every model. enough said.

i had not seen the small building by the "helicopter hangar" - i will model it. do you have any special reason you call it a "helicopter hangar"?


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