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Message posted by Richard C on February 18, 2002 at 16:14:51 PST:

Why would they be dis-information.
I have seen video footage of Predators launching Hellfires, they have been used in Afghanistan also (now very public).
They have been testing armed PRedators for quite some time, and it astonishes me how 'late' someone started this forum thread about armed Predators when it's all been going on 'publically' for months and months, before afghanistan.
The CIA published they were interested in arming Predators 'ages' ago and finally they were tested on the range using Hellfires, with success, and so 'publically' again they have now been used operationally.
I remember some time ago, seeing a programme that stated the CIA were interested when they first glanced upon the excellent video footage taken from a Predator of A-10s and F-16s in action over the southern ranges of the Nevada complex... it was great footage showing A-10s letting loose flares and dropping ordnance ..below the Predator.
Then two minds came together.... UAV and Hellfire.....Perfect match for clandestine take-outs...of which thewy have been publically used afghanistan by the CIA.

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