Re: Battlefield Lasers are Here!

Message posted by Richard C on February 18, 2002 at 14:56:36 PST:

I once watched a programme on developing those lasers for that purpose and for shooting down aircraft on low level battlefield CAS.
This was tested at Kirtland AFB on drones. They would burn the wings off, or go straight for the fuel tanks, and was very effective.
They then went on saying they were in the process of developing a chemical laser able to shoot away incoming arty rounds. I guess since the few years i saw this, they have now developed it.

By the way, an Arty round isnt that small to hit with a laser (these days) considering that an (old) British made medium range SAM (80mile range) once hit an object just a few inches in diameter hanging under a small parachute....hows that for accuracy.
Pity the missile is now being retired.
And, back in the 80's - early 90's, apparently British frigates and destroyers were testing a new non lethal weapon called a LDS (Laser dazzle Sight) which would be targetting enemy pilots eyes while inbound for a raid...of course the Royal Navy denied anything of the type existed, but a few snips of information was passed around back then, in certain publications...take that how you wish..


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