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Message posted by Gregos on August 14, 2013 at 10:17:32 PST:

The Powerlines Overlook is located at: N37 27.541 W115 25.440. This is in the Pahranagat Mountain Range just south of Mount Irish. You can see the powerlines depicted on the aeronautical sectional chart northeast of Groom Lake at The sectionals also label mountain ranges. That's where I learned all the mountain range names when I moved to Las Vegas. Plus sectional charts are just so darn fun to look at! :-)

As for upcoming exercises, due to the recent sequestration (a cut in government spending), I don't see Red Flag 14-1 happening. I certainly don't see JFEX happening because they cancelled previous MAFEX exercises long before this sequestration started. I plan on watching Nellis' website for updates and seeing what happens to the upcoming Green Flag Exercises.

Hope this helps...

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