Red Flag Acrft

Message posted by Richard C on February 18, 2002 at 14:36:46 PST:

Hi folks,

Royal Air Force Deployment to Red Flag was as follows:

I had 9 x Tornado F.3's pass overhead trailing in three waves on the 12th they should of arrived by now.
Tankers were a TrisTar and two VC-10s.
They came overhead me shortly before going Oceanic enroute to Lajes AB on the Azores. They then route to Bermuda to the States and onwards.
These were from 5, 11 and 43 Sqns (just incase you need tie-ups for photos)

The VC-10s will probably stay for AR Ops over Rachel.

More Tornados may possibly have arrived (being Tornado GR4s) and these, if participating most likely would of come from Goose Bay, where they are based throughout the year for Western Vortex Exercises.

USAFE Deployment also got underway last week.
Loads of F-15 Eagles were trailed over Atlantic by KC-10s.
Eagles were from the 48th FW based at RAF Lakenheath.

Enjoy the show...



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