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You can see details at the attached URL.

New, married Lt in pilot training gets $51,156/yr.
Married Maj pilot with 10 years gets $106,020. Actively flying combat raises that by $5,700, plus most pay is tax free while flying combat.

Remember, the 50% retirement pay at 20 years is based only on base pay, giving a 20-yr Lt Col $50,034, less for those joining up in the last 10 years.

Only long haul airline pilots on the largest aircraft get over $200,000. Turboprop and small jet pilots are rarely above $40,000. Larger jets, like 737, will be less than $100,000 if you are new and maybe twice that as you approach age 60.

All of my friends who left the Air Force and went with airlines ended up being furloughed several times, sometimes for years. Most had their airline fold. One guy I know went from Braniff, to Continental, to Air One a year or two before each folded. Most airlines have declared bankruptcy at lease once. This destroyed the pension plans. The government replacement gives them about one third or less of what the airline plan was. I'm glad I never went that way.

Incindetally, there was an AF fighter pilot shortage for many years after they cut pilot training by half after Vietnam. It was great for those of us there, since we didn't have to share the flying hours among so many pilots!

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