Re: NT-43A and F-117A this week

Message posted by Ed Winchester on May 09, 2013 at 17:02:24 PST:


Yes, had scanner.

We were sat there thinking 'it's awfully quiet old chap' apart from the SAR exercise for at least 90mins before the faint noise above caused a skyward look and there's a F-117A. All I can say is that DOBBY17 (or BOBBY17?) was 'cleared tactical' after the last orbit around 1540 local. EAGLE was around earlier.

I have no idea if DOBBY makes sense, obviously one's imagination can make one think that F-117 and 17 are related, but it could have been a base UH-60 except 'cleared tactical' sounded odd. I'm no expert on Groom comms, so whether what must have been a fairly silent comms thing would end with a call to Blackjack in this way.

Given the utilisation of the ranges, I'm getting to learn that if it's really quiet, then something is probably going on that is 'silent ops' or on secure freq.

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