Re: Question on photographing the TTR airbase

Message posted by Gregos on March 13, 2013 at 13:51:43 PST:

The first time I visited KTNX, I parked at the bottom of Mt Diablo and hiked up. It was not difficult and didn't take long. But with a good 4WD vehicle, you can easily go right up the side of the hill (there is a faint dirt road). With a good 2WD vehicle you can go up the dirt road that skirts the fence line to the east of the gate then goes up the hill. The Restricted Border is the fence line...

We were up there for the F-117 retirement in 2008. Base security came up and took our names and license plate numbers. There was also a test going on and a radio truck parked up there too. The truck driver politely asked us to move our vehicles over a bit so he could get into place. We did and base security left us to watch the "end of an era" in piece.

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