Re: can someone help me with info?

Message posted by Becky on February 16, 2002 at 8:15:37 PST:

Thanks for the tips on where to look, I have looked at them some already I will be really getting into them soon. The pictures can i copy those and use them for my assinment?
What I am wanting to find is the most recent "rumors" (unexplained happenings) in which Area 51 is concerned.
Even explianed happenings but the part before the get explained!
I guess I am hoping that there is something similar to Bob Lazar's story of working on the UFO's or like the alleged Roswel crashed UFO had been transported to area 51.
Anything would be helpful.
Also I can't seem to find the approvement date of when the big yearly gathering is and the black mail box? (of course now white) Does that still happen?

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