Back to the Future

Message posted by Pinyon72 on March 10, 2013 at 22:52:45 PST:

I am currently skirting 'The Area' on my first trip here in five years. That was a Tikaboo Trip hike. Previous to that was a drive to TTR, which yielded just one movement, the unexpected landing of a UK Royal Air Force Tristar! (I didn't know that the RAF Tornado det on Red Flag had been evicted from Nellis due to runway/taxiway repairs there...)
And previous to that - going back to the 1990s now - was the interesting morning on Freedom Ridge when Glen Campbell and I interrupted a secret airplane recovery - "Watchdog Is In Effect" - and got downwash-blasted by an HH-60 for our troubles.
Thanks to the many informative postings on this site, I know that the world's most famous secret base is bigger than ever. What to see, then? P-AEA? The huge P-ISR?
I rather doubt that, especially since Red Flag 13-3 is monopolising the afternoon and early nighttime airspace.
But it's good to be back in the desert!


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