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Message posted by astra7 on March 04, 2013 at 21:00:12 PST:


I didn't think Tikaboo would had been accessible so early in the year...unless the weather around there has been milder than normal.

I climbed it once not really knowing exactly where the main path was..( which I found later from the top after Id climbed in an area where the snow had melted away from the main trail path.). ..If I recall it was the end of April and I did not think that the main path looked climbable / passable from looking from the top down as I passed it on my decent down.....or if it was, it would require snow shoes and Ice Axe and would have been very slow going..

I am curious how long it took you and just how bad it was...which I assume would get worse the higher up you were..( Unless the Sun had melted it in patches where it is unshaded)

I may have missed something...with ref to your images being on the Balloon website.

The photos appear to be taken from Tikaboo.. or did you take up and release a Balloon towards Area 51 that took some of your shots..

IF your photos were just taken direct from Tikaboo only, I am not sure why they are posted on the balloon website.

It seems that the viewing conditions at that time of the year were very clear..with little heat haze..
Some appear to be taken from very early in the morning with the Sun behind or to the side of you and others later as the sun moved in front..

IF you did use a Balloon to take some of the photos, hopefully you can reply in more detail.

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