Help with research?

Message posted by Taylor Elmore on February 15, 2002 at 19:29:23 PST:

Hi --

I'm a writer in Los Angeles working on a commercial television project that will involve Nellis AFB, a possible errant missile, and the investigation to find whether there was a cover-up. This script is for a show already in existence, and will remain in the realm of provable fact -- i.e., no X-Files digressions into the realm of UFO tech or cockamamie conspiracy theories -- and will treat the subject with as much respect and due discretion as is possible within the realm of fiction.

Can anybody help me with some simple bonehead questions about such subjects as laser vs. satellite targeting, chain-of-command and the investigation of accidents, what kind of ordinance is used in Red Flag drills, etc. I've already found great information on this site, but I could really use the help. Anyone?

The project is on spec, so I cannot offer financial compensation -- however, I do want to represent the subject as accurately an realistically as possible so as not to feed the already-burgeoning media-fed misinformation pool. My questions are probably simple in the extreme -- I know very little about the subject (so, naturally, I've chosen to write a show about it...)

If this posting is out of order or I am violating any sort of protocol, please accept my apologies and delete -- otherwise, please either reply here or contact me at for more information (credentials, etc).

Thank you!


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