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Message posted by Peter Merlin on February 23, 2013 at 20:35:54 PST:

It depends on the model. The Original U-2 series didn't have a prefix.

Drawing number formats (x=prefix, where applicable; y=subassembly):
xy12-3, xy12-345, xy1234-5

Examples: F32-29, 75L117-136, RX-1274-2, EAQ229-4


None: U-2A, U-2C, U-2CT, U-2D, U-2F, U-2G (example: F32-29L)
75: U-2C, U-2CT, U-2F, U-2G (example: 75P122-15)
R: U-2R, TR-1, U-2S, ER-2 (example: RX525-600)
T: U-2CT (example: TC78-4)
EA: NASA mission equipment for U-2C and ER-2 (example: EAQ181-3)


A Air conditioning and pressurization systems
B Loft board
C Control systems
E Empennage assembly (tail and aft fuselage)
F Fuselage assembly & canopy structure
G Ground support & maintenance equipment
H Hydraulic and fuel systems
L Landing gear & pogos
P Powerplant
Q Cockpit & life support equipment, pitot-static system
R Electrical, electronics and radio
W Wing assembly
X Special equipment (including nose, fairings, & pods)

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