Re: Red Flag, Thunderbirds targeted for grounding

Message posted by Gimbal on February 08, 2013 at 4:13:16 PST:

Display teams not flying is no big deal but training is Red Flag saves pilots lives it prepares them for the real thing. We live in an age where budgets have to be watched carefully but we need to defend ourselves however some of the most expensive weapons are Nukes.
We have to send troops to certain places even though they are so far away they can have a direct impact on us. I am sure those troops on the ground would feel happier knowing they could call in an F35 for close air support rather than a stockpile of Nukes that cannot help them in anyway.
We guess how much is spent on Black Projects most of which never see the light of day surely some reviews ought to be held here. Another area that seriously needs to be looked at is that procurement companies bid for projects eventually there is a winner who has promised a price, the system as ordered and a delivery date.
This does not happen very often so more money has to be paid out delays mean older platforms have to keep going in turn also costing more money to upgrade them. So what of the current Black Projects? Large Manned/UCAV Bomber? Drones? Hypersonic Missiles? Who is going to get a grip on these to ensure it is not simply money down the drain or a Contractor making promises they cannot keep just to win the contract and then say hey in for a penny in for a pound we need more money to finish this.
Here in the UK it is no different cuts to troops but 2 new aircraft carriers which will be built well before the F35's are ready to fly from them. All one big mess really.

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