Re: Pyramid on NTS near to Papoose Lake ?

Message posted by astra7 on February 05, 2013 at 15:46:22 PST:

Hi Pete,

Thanks again for your comments,

It is interesting what you say about you having done many visits to the NTS range... I am curious just how much that you may have got to see all around Area 51, Nellis and NTS range to the west to Mercury to North to Tonopah...and South to Indian Springs..

For some reason Two members did not find the pyramid when they entered either one of the coordinates ( Decimal one ) and where taken to a different location when they entered the URL..

I rechecked them yesterday and they seemed to all work for me... and took me to the Pyramid.. but today... the URL at one point took me North west of the Pyramid..I tried it again on another browser and it took me back to the pyramid..

This one worked fine ... 37 05 45N, 116 05 40W

I note that there are two coordinate in the URL that I posted...

But the link I note has two coordinates as described below...,+-116.848060&ll=37.096024,-116.094675&spn=0.008100,0.010664&t=k&hl=en

This has TWO lots of coordinates within it...which I think are wrote as decimals rather than degrees and minutes and North and West....

Within the URL Link ( which I think is in Decimal)


1st one = 37.628036,+-116.848060

2nd one = 37.096024,-116.094675

CAN I ASK WOULD YOU Agree that the Pyramid is about 14 miles west of Papoose Lake ?

Thanks again


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