Re: Pyramid on NTS near to Papoose Lake ?

Message posted by astra7 on February 05, 2013 at 15:13:04 PST:

Hi Jklier,

I want to apologize to all, you and "Briefed".

Yesterday I checked the three various coordinates that I posted...and they seemed to all show the same place.

After your comments, I just rechecked them again.. and one did show another place well North of Papoose Lake.

These two worked to show the Pyramid OK..

37 05 45N, 116 05 40W,+-116.848060&ll=37.096024,-116.094675&spn=0.008100,0.010664&t=k&hl=en

But the link I posted ( Https for google maps just above ) shows these coordinates 37.628036, -116.848060 in the google maps location search box above the map...

BUT IF I just write the 3rd coordinate just in google only ( Not Google maps ) which is the same as ....
37.628036, -116.848060 ...

Then It shows a different place North of Papoose probably where you suggest.. ( But I am not aware that a Pyamid shows up when I zoom in this location... not that I can see.

I do not understand when I write the google http URL why it shows the coordinates 37.628036, -116.848060 in the google map search box...

IF you look at the URL that I posted...,+-116.848060&ll=37.096024,-116.094675&spn=0.008100,0.010664&t=k&hl=en

This has TWO lots of coordinates within it...which I think are wrote as decimals rather than degrees and minutes and North and West like this...
37 05 45N, 116 05 40W

Within the URL Link ( which I think is in Decimal)


1st one = 37.628036,+-116.848060

2nd one = 37.096024,-116.094675

I found if I wrote in the 2nd coordinates..
That it goes to the Pyramid..

2nd one = 37.096024,-116.094675

I have seen some URLs that when you click them.. one time they will take you to one website and another time they take you to an other even though the urls always the same...

So I am wondering if this may be a similar one for some reason, only instead it takes you to a alternative part of the google map for some reason..

UNLESS anyone else can explain !

When you find the Pyramid.. as far as I can make out it is about 14 miles west of Papoose Lake..

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