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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on February 14, 2002 at 16:58:57 PST:

I suppose you have already looked at out Tikaboo Peak Map and directions (see attached link).

There is a bus (I think once a day) from Las Vegas to Alamo. From there you will need a car to get to Rachel, which is another 60 miles. The closest car rental, taxi service or limo service is in Las Vegas. You can try to catch a ride with someone at one of the two gas stations in Alamo, but I would advise against it. Your best bet is really to rent a car in Vegas, which is quite reasonable.

If you have never done Tikaboo find someone who has and go with them. Its quite easy to get lost there, and if you do it can be weeks until someone finds you.

Tikaboo is very remote, you are over 25 miles away from civilization. Even in summer you will most likely not see anyone else up there. Feel free to post a message here in time to try and find company for the hike.

Tikaboo is in 8000 ft. elevation, and it is not as hot as in the valley. But in summer it can still get quite hot during the day, and for the most part of the hike there is not a lot of shade. Try to do it in late spring or early fall. Then of course you may be dealing with freezing cold nights up there.

That said, the hike is worth it. If nothing else for the spectacular view over much of southern Nevada. And over a certain base by a dry lakebed.

Have a safe trip!

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