Pyramid on NTS near to Papoose Lake ?

Message posted by astra7 on February 04, 2013 at 21:21:25 PST:

Has anyone any idea what the Pyramid is that is on the NTS range about 12 to 14 miles west of Papoose Lake...

seems rather strange...its surrounded by some sort of perimeter along with two the other things east of it..

Look like two objects may be underground tunnel entrances... one being like two tapering walls and another that looks like one of star wars space craft with a black pipe going through it..

37 05 45N, 116 05 40W

put these coordinates into google maps... and zoom in to 100 feet...

37.628036, -116.848060

or use this url...,+-116.848060&ll=37.096024,-116.094675&spn=0.008100,0.010664&t=k&hl=en

found this on another forum...

Well this is wierd.
It reminds me of the All Seeing Eye Pyramid which has no Apex.
It's located in that dry lake region which also houses Area 51 and many military bomb testing sites.

There's two images, first one from GoogleMap which is in colour and clear but hides one side of the 'Pyramid' in shadow. Second photo is the same location from TerraServer that shows the 'Pyramid' without shadow and confirms it is a solid shape and has no apex as per reserved for 'the All Seeing Eye'.

Not sure why it's there? Why make it? What's it used for? WHY!!???

Google photo of Pyramid

TerraServer Photo of Pyramid

What do you think?


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