Re: New Iranian Stealth Jet Revealed

Message posted by Eagle Scout on February 03, 2013 at 17:46:10 PST:

It looks like laid up fiberglass, and not a very good job of it at that. The "canopy" is so crappy it can't be seen through, and apparently fastens to the airframe with magnets. The angles of the facets are completely wrong. I mean, I almost wish this was real, just so, if God forbid we have to fight these guys, we'd be able to contribute some video of our own.
I've come to the conclusion from things like this, the way they displayed that UAV they claimed to have shot down, and oh yeah, remember the twin-tailed F-5s they demonstrated a few years back, that they don't give a damn about fooling people who know anything about aircraft. They see some benefit in giving their own people something shiny to look at every so often. Which, ok, fine, but it's frustrating to see the media on our side lap this stuff up so uncritically. Not surprising, but frustrating.

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