Re: Red Flag Target?

Message posted by Gregos on February 03, 2013 at 9:27:01 PST:

Yeah, it wasn't a LASER and I just used it to signal him and he was still a good distance away so I doubt it blinded him. But I often wonder how bright that flashlight looks thru NVG?

In a past life, I was a concert lighting technician who toured for 15 years. The company I worked for in Torrance, CA had their own proprietary light called the Xescan. It was basically one light out of the four from a sky tracker light that they use to advertise the opening of malls, etc. It had a moving mirror on servos over the source so you can move the beam via a track ball and a color changer mounted on it to add color. We would have to demo the light after dark for lighting designers for upcoming tours. I was just a tech so all I did was set it all up in the parking lot then turn it over after dark. The first thing the sales rep would do for the demo was shine it at aircraft landing at LAX! This bad boy was bright. Having had my pilot's license around then (early 1990s) I remember thinking this is really really bad. I couldn't intervene or I'd lose my job so I just cringed! Then they would shoot it into the hills of the upscale neighborhood of Rancho Palos Verdes. Shortly later the police arrived. After the explanation of what we did the cops got all starry eyed and actually started playing with the track ball saying how cool this was and we need to mount one on their cruiser, etc. I just rolled my eyes in disbelief!!!

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