Re: Red Flag Target?

Message posted by Gregos on February 02, 2013 at 21:28:44 PST:

Neonsky gets targeted all the time while at "Alantown!" He's like a fighter jet magnet! Lol.

I was camped with my 22 foot Travel Trailer at the foot of the hill we all climb at Coyote Summit. One night during Red Flag, 4 aircraft came thru the pass. The first 3 zoomies cooked thru low to the ground passing behind the hill to my west (the one we climb). The last one definitely changed it's heading and came in straight at me. I started to pulse my Shurefire flashlight at him as he rolled in. It was night so it was hard to judge but I'd say he passed over me at a 100 feet or so. In the last second I covered my ears incase he sonic boomed me (which he didn't of course but I didn't know that at the time). I'm 100% sure he targeted me possible thinking I was a Roland RADAR truck maybe in the off position. Later I realized blinding him with the Shurefire wasn't the brightest idea but it seemed like the thing to do to get his attention at the time. That's when I got the hair brain idea to build an infrared strobe light. To lure them in with their Night Vision Goggles. The strobe is still on my back burner.

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