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Message posted by Gregos on January 25, 2013 at 12:17:03 PST:

The date on the photo says April 6, 1965. So it could be snow unless you recognize the exact mountain and know it to have lighter formations, etc.

Groom Lake's tower is around 4500 feet in elevation above sea level so it snows long into the spring. I was in Rachel for Memorial Day 2011 and it snowed then! Bob M was there for it too! The weather up there is crazy at times! Later in the day I was at the Inn and another local told me it once snowed there on July 1st of some year. Before that day, I would have disregarded that as a tall tale. Now I have no doubt the story is probably true.

I just wonder how the guy got out there in all that mud. I imagine there is a vehicle just out of frame but his shoes and white pants are spotless! I'm thinking teleportation! I'm going post it on ATS! LOL.

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