Re: "A Plea from Area 51"

Message posted by Peter Merlin on January 18, 2013 at 8:14:00 PST:

Historians and journalists must always be willing to make corrections based on new, more accurate, data.

I once had to rewrite part of an article on DLR because information about one particular test pilot's career turned out to be highly inaccurate. This resulted from an erroneous story being published by an official source that presumably should have had access to accurate information. I wasn't the only person taken in. Trevor Paglen, myself, and others were quick to spread this exciting new revelation, which was eagerly devoured by Internet audiences and other aviation journalists.

A few years later, I discovered that the original published story was wrong, figured out how the mistake was made, and confirmed my hypothesis. I then made corrections to my article and updated several discussion threads, but you will still find some people taking the original version as gospel. The secret nature of these projects sometimes makes it difficult to get the details correct on the first attempt.

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