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Message posted by Steve on February 14, 2002 at 9:02:55 PST:

If the waste was not going to Yucca it would not be such a three ring circus.

The following paragraph was taken from an article in the Feb 10, 2002, Las Vegas Review Journal. It was written by Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho.

"Tons of high-level nuclear waste have crossed America for decades, including 2400 shipments of spent nuclear fuel. Idaho alone has completed more than 4,600 shipments of high-level nuclear waste. In not one instance -- ever -- has a shipment cask released radioactive material. Further, waste is being shipped from 40 countries around the world right now to the United States for storage, and research reactors across America are also shipping nuclear waste."

All the facts in the above paragraph may or may not be true. But the bottom line is that shipments have been and are occurring.

I didn't realize that 40 countries are shipping us their waste. I would guess that not many Americans are aware of that. There are a few countries I would like to ship all the nuke waste to. Most of them start with a vowel.

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