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Message posted by jklier on January 14, 2013 at 8:47:41 PST:

I've been operating various drones for academic research for almost four years so I have a good bit of knowledge in this area.

Under current regulations in the U.S. you are not going to see drones all over our airspace. To operate a drone legally you must apply for a certificate of authorization from the FAA for the particular time and place of your flight. You must also meet a number of specific criteria to be approved for the COA. This applies to law enforcement agencies as well (military is another story). I know of several law enforcement entities here in the Texas that purchased drones thinking they could fly them where and when they wanted. The FAA slapped them down and now the equipment is sitting idle in their warehouse. The FAA is currently reviewing the current regulations on drones but I wouldn't expect anything until at least 2015. I suspect they are going to have some kind of licensing system dependent on the size of the drone.

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