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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 14, 2002 at 6:03:25 PST:

High-level nuclear "Waste" or more specifically - spent nuclear fuel (the 12 to 14 ft long bundles of rodlets containing enriched uranium and plutonium fuel) are currently stored at nuclear power plants all over the country. It poses no real threat, and I'd rather have a spent fuel pool as a neighbor than a petrolium plant or coal-fired power plant. I rather have all the depleted fuel (actually the enrichment only decreases a few percent before it becomes "spent")in one place than having it stored by dozens of utilities, who by the way don't "own" the fuel, but only "leases" it from vendors such as Westinghouse. Putting the fuel and reprocesing it is such a good idea only a politician could (and has) screwed it up. I move the stuff around all the time, and the casks that are used to transport the casks off-site have ben tested and that fire would have proved no real hazard IN REALITY. Hypotheically yes, but in the real world where most of us live and work, the transport of Nuclear fuel would pose cities less danger than the thousands of cars putting CO in the air by the ton. I'm both a trained firefighter (ex-fire brigade leader at a Commercial Power Plant) and hold a current Senior Reactor Operators lisence and a Operations shift supervisor (same power plant) so I'm not just telling an opinion based on a article written by a writer that has more unfounded fear than literary skill. 've moved dozens if not hundreds of fuel bundles, and while the potential danger IS there, the commen sense in storing them all together is an excelent idea, that after Sept 11, time has come for,

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