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Message posted by dannywho on February 14, 2002 at 5:16:39 PST:

Just a note.
If those who seem to have such thin skin, so little patience for querries of any sort, then maybe you should be gone from such a public space.
Start your own site and be the director of who can and who can't participate.
But to be so sensitive to simple questions, shows no self
control to learn, grow, and either bite thy tounge or contribute to the whole and be content.
Anyone can flame, only some can just abstain.

This site for as long as I have watched and been a
meager participant has been a very level playing
ground. The need to best others or boast is human nature, to be a participant in a dialog as allowed here
can enrich all, (great and small, been there and done that, just showed up and haven't read everything, doesn't drive like me, has never been in Nevada) Just means that to educate, share & observe in a place like this and not trash it up like so many others can be a place of pride and shared community.

I know many who only listen to this site and have never
posted to it, not that they have nothing to say but in general they see inteligent discussions or just single
posts and there's no need to add. And that doesn't mean that they know any less or any more, they just participate. Any many including myself have been visiting the nevada area since the late 80's.

That is what the beauty of a decent site is, like this one mostly.
That is why I am responding this way.

If anyone wishes to talk more the address is here.

in visiting the desert


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